Impactful Knowledge

relevant – the right time – the right place

quick to use easily accessible no IT effort flexible applicable

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The Smart Knowledge Hub explained (in 2min)

Learn how to profitably use the Smart Knowledge Hub for your white and blue collar workers.

Hub for pervasive knowledge in your organisation

Information and Learning for your employees, customers and partners.


Instant problem solving and fast information


find Solutions and Answers


Fast and effective learning using different content types


Impart knowledge and structured learning incl. certificats and reporting for compulsory training

Save time – increase performance – boost revenue

  • Quick and easy access to expert knowledge

    residing in Videos, PDFs, Text, Links, office-docs, and more

  • Cognitive search for content from various Sources

    e.g. SharePoint, Learning Management Systems and others

  • Web front end, smartphone and Microsoft Teams

    to share and fast access via Smart Code

  • Publish E-Learnings incl. Reporting

    Less training effort and max cost savings

  • Distribution of sales messages and service offerings

    Impactful knowledge to accelerate performance

  • No IT Administration needed. "No Code"

    The solution is installed in just a few minutes (and also de-installed)

Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about us:

“SoFi offers us the ideal platform for global distribution and for Service 4.0 of our high- quality products. Not only because of the easy distribution, but because the administration effort is minimal“.

“For us – the solution is ideal, to activate our knowledge with limited resources and motivate partners and employees to learn.”

“With this solution we are able to increase the usage of existing knowledge by 198%. The flexibility of the tool and the Pokeshot Team enabled us to get the maximum out of our investment.“


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